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Keyboard Chemistry
What is a microreactor?
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Keyboard Chemistry
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YMC Aims to Create “Keyboard Chemistry”

"Keyboard Chemistry" is a term coined by YMC that combines the words "keyboard" (suggesting operation by computer control) and "chemistry" , and to represent the concept of a new chemical reaction methodology that YMC tries to create.
Central to this concept is the microreactor system, which has led to the realization of a computer-controlled flow reaction method that enables setting of all the conditions of chemical reaction from the start to the end through the keyboard of a computer.
There have been found a lot of innovative reaction parameters that could not achieved using a conventional flask and reaction vessel.
By applying the concept of Keyboard Chemistry to not only chemical reaction but also peripheral technologies such as pre-treatment, post-reaction analysis, separation and purification, YMC aims to change the landscape of forefront chemistry.

What is a microreactor?
It proposes YMC.
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